Christian Kaernbach_Third party funds

Acquisition of third-party funding

Total: 1.406.050 €

01/2013-12/2014 EU-Project "Friends by Design" (CAU, SDU, AU, UHH), total amount 10.000 Euro, my share 2.000 Euro

01/2013-12/2015 Leibniz Project "Neurobiological Foundations of Economic Decision Making under Uncertainty and Excessive Risk Taking", total amount 634.800 €, my share 168.000 (1 PhD student, 1 assistant, equipment).

01/2013-12/2014 DFG-Project Ka 824/13-1 "Reaction of the autonomic nervous system in case of conflicting goals", 1 PhD student, 1 assistant, equipment, VP-funds, 101.500 .

01/2012-12/2014 DFG-Project Ka 824/12-2 "Right hemispheric advantage for target stimulus processing in fast stimulus sequences: On the role of attention, emotion and temporal sequence", 1 PhD student (18 months), assistants (36 months), equipment, total amount 61.600 €

09/2008-03/2009 Innovation Fund of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Project 502000-596, Establishment of an interdisciplinary Research Training Group "Voice and Emotion", TVL E13/2 (7 months), 10.150 €.

11/2006-12/2008 FWF project "Analysis of skin conductance response: Finding standards for data analysis by means of decomposition", 1 PhD student, 1 SHK, equipment etc., total amount 151.500 €.

07/2006 Co-applicant for the infrastructure funding application "Integrated Systems For Behavioral and Brain Sciences: Neurocognition and virtual reality" for the Institute of Psychology, Karl-Franzens-University Graz, total amount ca. 600.000 €, my part of the application: NIRS device (near-infrared spectroscopy, imaging method) with 24 channels, 308.400 €.

04/2001-03/2003 DFG-Project Ka 824/11-1 "Echo Memory and Short-Term Memory": Device, money for test persons, 1 student assistant etc., 21.000 €.

05/2000-04/2002 DFG project Ka 824/5-2 (see Ka 824/5-1): ½ Staff position (BAT IIa), equipment, travel expenses etc., 65.000 €.

11/1999-10/2001 DFG travel grant 418 FRA 111/5/99 for Bordeaux (Laboratoire de Psychoacoustique, Université de Bordeaux 2, Dr. Laurent Demany), for 4 researchers, 2 visits of 14 days per person, 10.000 €.

11/1998-06/1999 DFG-Project Ka 824/6 "Early auditory feature coding": Researcher money, 1 student assistant etc., 12.000 €.

10/1998 Collaboration with AURITEC, Hamburg, audiometer manufacturer, to introduce new automatic adaptive procedures, 1.200 €.

05/1998-04/2000 DFG project Ka 824/5-1 "Time processing in pitch perception", part of the priority program "Time processing in the central auditory system": ½ Staff position (BAT IIa), equipment, travel expenses etc., 70.000 €.

01/1997-04/1998 DFG-Project Ka 824/4 "Visual perception beyond the full report", part of the main program "Visual perception beyond the full report": money for test persons, 1 student assistant etc., total 6.000 €.

1996 Purchase of a soundproof cabin including equipment for the Institute of General Psychology, University of Leipzig, from HBFG funds (3772-036-207) after evaluation by the DFG, 90,000 €.

1996 Participation in the acquisition of a 64-channel EEG amplifier for the Institute of General Psychology, University of Leipzig, from HBFG funds (main applicant: Prof. Dr. H.-G. Geißler, HBFG 3772-036-178) after evaluation by the DFG, 105.000 €.

06/1995 Co-proposer and organizer of the conference "Phenomena and Architectures of Cognitive Dynamics" in Leipzig, 29.6.-1.7.1995, supported by the DFG (4851/173/95) with € 15.000, total funding 30.000 €.

12/1991-4/1994 Main contribution to the conception of, and research associate in (BAT IIa) DFG project Ma 697/4 "Psychoacoustic and neuroinformatic analysis of auditory mechanisms for time processing and segmentation", applicant: Prof. Dr. C. von der Malsburg, Ruhr-University Bochum, € 150,000.

09/1989-08/1991 DFG-Research Grant Ka 824/1 "Frozen Noise as a Means to Study the Perception of Periodicity in Acoustic Signals", Laboratoire d'Audiologie Expérimentale, Bordeaux, 42.700 €.