Lecture series "From Sound to Sound

Prof. Dr. Christian Kaernbach                                 
Institute for Psychology
Christian-Albrechts-Universität of Kiel
In cooperation with the musiculum Kiel


0. from sound to sound - an overview


1. music means sound - no music without sound waves

  • Sound vibrations
  • The simplest case: the sinusoidal oscillation
  • Sound propagation
  • Amplitude and intensity, decibel
  • Harmonic and inharmonic overlays
  • Periodic oscillations



2. music needs ears - from the outer ear to the inner ear

  • The outer ear as a bell
  • The outer ear as a directional filter
  • perception of space
  • The middle ear: from airborne sound to waterborne sound
  • The inner ear: no passive sound receiver
  • The way to the brain


  • Link to the Webseite of Albert Bregmann

3. Pitch

  • Pitch is not a property of sound
  • Overtones
  • How the inner ear resolves frequencies
  • The analysis of the time structure of the auditory signal
  • Absolute hearing
  • Consonance
  • The tuning of a musical instrument


4. music: a scenario. Scenario analysis while listening

  • The whole and the parts
  • Seperating and binding 
  • Shape laws in seeing and hearing
  • Many tones - one melody? From "streaming"
  • Hidden dissonances


5. music theory (together with Dipl.-Psych. Joshua Lorenzen)

  • The origin of musical notation
  • The quintessence circle as an aid
  • Note names, octave positions, intervals
  • Tone supply and key
  • Function Theory
  • Bohlen-Pierce and other novel scales
  • And now for something completely different:
    Music theory according to Martin Vogel


6. the invisible in art and the inaudible in music

  • Concept art in present and history
  • Of scratching figures and mirror joints
  • 14 puzzle canons by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • twelve tone technique, serial music, cluster
  • 4'33" - a work by the composer John Cage
  • Eye Music