General information about exams

These information refer to the following event: Psy_B_6 Allgemeine Psychologie


examination dates and contents

  • General Psychology: Motivation, Emotion, Learning and Memory
    The exam for the entire module is held at the end of the winter semester,
    repeat exam in the 2nd examination period of the winter semester

For the extent of the examination material, please refer to the oral notes during the lecture and the written notes on the corresponding teaching pages. The exam currently consists of 60 statements each, the correctness of which must be confirmed or rejected (yes or no). These are usually grouped into five statements on one topic. The solutions must be entered in the solution sheet (last page). A correct answer is rewarded with one point, a wrong answer is not rewarded with a point. If no answer is given, 0.5 points are awarded. The exam is passed when 75% of the possible points have been achieved. It is possible to give reasons for individual decisions.

Important: You are not allowed to bring a printout of the slides, notes, etc. or "scrap paper". A calculator is not required, unless it is announced in advance.

Remember to bring your student card and your identity card to the exam.


Registration and deregistration procedure for exams Bachelor students

You can register for and cancel your registration for the regular examination within the deadlines announced by the examination office.

ARegistration and deregistration procedure for exams diploma students 

Please register for the exam at the secretary's office within the deadlines announced by the examination office and bring the certificate of equivalence form with you to the exam (

ATTENTION: Participation in an exam without prior registration does not give the right to the evaluation of the exam results.

Announcement of grades

For reasons of data protection, exam results may no longer be published with the matriculation number. This applies both to the announcement on internet pages and to postings in the institute. Therefore the following regulations apply:

Main subject students experience their examination results over the LSF/QIS-System.

Diploma students can inquire their result in the responsible secretary's office with Mrs. Gegner and can pick up the signed certificate of equivalence for presentation in the examination office and recognition of the achievement


For further inquiries

If you have any questions about examination modalities, please contact the examination office or Ms. Gegner.