Do you have pity?

This was the question with which we started our online questionnaire. Then situations were described in which it was about fictitious requirements for the study, which one could avoid, but only with annoying extra effort. It was about causing real (or in the case of the Tamagotchi virtual) damage to animals, parts of animals, plants or robots. 

From February 22nd to August 29th, 103 forms were filled out completely; my sincere thanks for this. The willingness to participate is indicated by the length of the colored bars. Additionally, a "pity factor" is calculated, from 0 = 100% willingness to participate to 3 = 100% rejection (vertical position of the bars).

The result shows that not only vertebrates, but also insects and even single muscles of animals or even plants beat the best currently available AI systems (and even fictitious AI systems of the future) by far. AI (Artificial Intelligence) may well serve the study of human intelligence, but the high demand of the so-called "strong AI" to create systems that are intelligent themselves and are perceived as such is currently not fulfilled.

Christian Kaernbach