Most of the topics we work on in our group are related to the controlled triggering and objective measurement of emotions:

  • construction of a Database for sounds to induce emotions in a controlled way
  • measuring of the Skin conductivity
  • analysis of data by dissection in single components
  • quantitative recording of goosebumps
  • Slowdown or acceleration of reaction time
  • increase/decrease of blood pressure or heart frequency
    Gänsehaut_Foto_eins Gänsehaut_Foto_zwei


We also study

  • management of visually controlled actions with help of prism glasses
  • perception of pitch
  • sensory memory for pitch and random signals (noise)
  • aspects of creativity
  • questions of awareness, free will, pity with artefacts and artificial inteligence
  • "Sex and appetite" STUDY



Our Work unit translated an english creativity test to german and validated it:

  • The german version of the revised Creative Behavior Inventory (revised German CBI) bas on Hocevar (1979).
  • The german version of the Creative Achievement Questionnaire (German CAQ) based on Carson et al. (2005).

Nähere Informationen in der zugehörigen Publikation: Form, S., Schlichting, K., & Kaernbach, C. (2017). Mentoring functions: Interpersonal tensions are associated with mentees' creative achievement. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 11(4): 440-450.