whether employee, diploma student, student assistent, intern - first of all welcome.

The following is a "first aid" and "to-do" list for better orientation: what needs to be done, applied for, explained and by/with whom?

  • Inclusion in the email distributor This is needed for announcements to the team, for example team meetings, invitations and appointments. Please contact Claudia Gegner, stating the Email-adress to be included.  
  • Inclusion in the Google-Kalender This is used for appointments, information of someones absence, room bookings and much more. Please contact Christian Neumann with an Email-adress, that is linked to a google-account, 
  • Clarify if you need a workplace. Ask the team, which office you could (co-)use.
    If you get a workplace: Update the door sign. Please contact  Christian Neumann
  • Distribution of keys for the rooms to be used (office, laboratory). Available from Sandra Florean, IPN, room 302.
  • Access to the dropbox Please contact Claudia Gegner.

If you are leaving the team, please inform all mentioned contact persons, so that all accesses can be updated.