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Beads of cold sweat on the front of Senator Charles Kennedy at the press conference of June 1 2006, shortly before admitting his alcohol problem. His skin conductance was surely very high at that moment.
Goosebumps can indicate a pleasant arousal such as when listening to one's favorite music, but may also indicate fear or cold. We record the exact quantitative degree of <link http://www.goosecam.de>"goosebumpiness"</link>.


Our group focusses on the controlled induction and objective measurement of emotions:

  • Development of a sound data base for emotion induction
  • Recording of skin conductance
  • Analysis via decomposition
  • Quantitative recording of goosebumps
  • Increase or decrease of reaction time
  • Increase or decrease of blood pressure or heart beat frequency

Other issues are

  • the study of visuo-motor control via prism goggles
  • the perception of auditory pitch
  • the sensory memory of auditory pitch and of (noise)
  • but also consciousness, free will, compassion with artifacts, and artificial intelligence.

More topics and more details:

  • This text for potential collaborators comprises a list of topics currently under study.
  • Please look also at the web pages of the members of our team.