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Speech and Emotion

Emotion Lab

Emotion Lab
Olshausenstr. 62
24118 Kiel

Director: Prof. Dr. Christian Kaernbach
Office: Claudia Gegner, Raum 308
Tel.: +49-431-880-4870
Fax: +49-431-880-1829


  • Seminar Biological Psychology. The early registration is closed, but you can still register for the seminar on thursday by Mrs. Dr. Fuchs. Preliminary meeting for all classes: 08.10.12, 10.00 Uhr:
    OS75/S2 - R. 210 Blockseminar by Dr. Traupe
    OS75/S2 - R. 164 Seminar by Dr. Fuchs
  • Attention: Students having failed the exam Biological Psychology:
    At the end of the winter semester 12/13 the exam will cover the curriculum of Prof. Dr. Kaernbachs class Biological Psychology.
  • New topics for diploma theses available

  • Students of all semesters are welcome in our weekly lab meetings, to get included into the announcement mailing list, write to our Hiwis.

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